Dogs and cats are an important part of life in Collie as they can be excellent companions and provide public health benefits for the Community.  However, dogs are a major area of activity for Community Rangers with over 1200 complaints per year and over 360 dogs impounded.  Feral cats are also a problem.  This section provides information on dog and cat ownership in the Collie Shire.

Dog and Cat Registration
All dogs and cats over the age of three months must be licensed with the Shire where they normally reside. The registration period runs from 1 November to October 31. Registration helps you to recover your dog or cat if lost, assists the Shire to encourage responsible dog and cat ownership, and to provide services to dog and cat  owners for the benefit of the whole community.

Registration fees are structured to encourage sterilisation of dogs and cats.  Fifty percent Concessional Rates apply for pensioners and 75% Concessional Rates apply for working dogs. To obtain a concession rate on registration of sterilised dogs or cats, the sterilisation certificate must be produced when obtaining a dog or cat licence.

Should you move within the State, you do not have to re-register your dog or cat, but the change of address must be given to the Shire where the dog was previously registered.

Fees for Dog and Cat Registrations

1 Year 3 Years Lifetime
Sterilised $20 $42.50 $100
Sterilised (Concession) $10 $21.25 $50
Unsterilised $50 $120 $250
Unsterilised (Concession) $125

Fees can be paid at the Shire Office during normal office hours.
**Please note: Lifetime refers to the lifetime of the dog or cat.

Identification Tags
When you register your dog or cat, you will receive a plastic tag with the name of the Shire you have registered it with and a registered number printed on it.  This tag must be attached to the collar of your dog or cat.  Your name and correct residential address must also be inscribed on or attached to a collar.  This will allow for quick identification of the dog or cat and prompt notification of its location.

Dog Droppings
Failure to remove or adequately dispose of dog excreta constitutes an offence under the laws of the Dog Act 1976.   Carry a disposable bag in your pocket or tie to your leash – cheap nappy bags are great for this – bags will be available at some dog exercise areas.
Penalty for not cleaning up after your dog is $30.

Dog Training in Collie
For details on the Dog Training School in Collie please contact Jan at Collie Vets on 9734 1155 or 0400 340 661.

Dog Exercise Areas

A map and list of dog exercise areas is provided at the back of the Shire of Collie Dogs Local Law 2010 (Pages 4336 & 4337).

Dogs Local Law

The Shire of Collie Dogs Local Law 2010 complements the Dog Act 1976 and covers a range of topics including:

  • impounding of dogs;
  • fencing requirements;
  • limiting the number of dogs (to two) that may be kept without an exemption;
  • approval of kennel establishments;
  • dogs in public places; and
  • enforcement