Development Services provide a diverse array of services for the community, including:

Services range from facilitating development in Collie through to enforcing local laws that specify community expectations of behaviour for things like parking and firebreaks.

Development Services is in the business of ensuring that all new developments and behaviour by organisations or individuals complies with or achieves outcomes expressed by the community and the political process through legislation, regulation, policy, licences and codes of practice.

We strive to ensure that organisations and individuals understand their responsibilities and the reasons behind laws that affect rights to develop or behave as they please.

Development Services coordinates or undertakes projects relating to our natural environment, ensures Council buildings are fit for purpose, and acts as a leader or team member for projects of strategic importance to Council (e.g. the Central Business District Redevelopment Project, new industrial development areas, etc).

Development Services is also in the business of maintaining a watch on external influences on its (and hence the Shire’s) operations, particularly new State and Federal government legislation and policy.

Additionally, Development Services is also in the business of emergency management, as defined by the Emergency Services Act 2005 and Bush Fires Act 1954.

There are over 30 State Government Acts that relate to the operation of Development Services.

Key Development Services staff are listed under Contact Us.