The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) within the Collie Shire Council is responsible for the overall management of the Collie Shire Council as an organisation and ensuring that the objectives of the Council are being met. The CEO has his direction established by the Council through various mediums such as Council’s Strategic Plan, budgeting processes and Council policy.

Being strategically focused, the CEO is heavily involved in major developments Council is currently supporting.

The CEO, in conjunction with elected members, has a role of supporting and representing the Council at the numerous local government forums and bodies the Council has contact with. The CEO ensures that the Council is at all times fully informed on matters requiring Council decision or actions; this information is supplied by professional officers under whose portfolio the matter rests.

The Council also maintains a constant dialogue with Members of Parliament and more particularly the local Member and it is an important function of the CEO to represent and support the Council in matters at this level.

Chief Executive Officer: Mr David Blurton
Telephone: 9734 9000
Email: david.blurton(at)