The Emergency Management Act 2005 requires that a local government is to ensure effective Local Emergency Management Arrangements are prepared and identifies that local governments are to manage recovery following an emergency.  The Shire is required to review the Local Emergency Management Arrangements every five years, or after an incident or test exercise.

A Local Emergency Coordinator is appointed for each local government district who provides advice and support to the Local Emergency Management Committee in developing and reviewing and emergency management arrangements, assists hazard management agencies in the response phase, and carries out emergency management activities as directed.

In accordance with the Act the Shire of Collie has a Local Emergency Management Committee whose role is to advise, assist and liaise with public authorities in the development and testing of local emergency management arrangements.  An annual report is provided at the end of each financial year.

The Shire of Collie’s Local Emergency Management Arrangements, which includes information on contacts and key personnel (e.g. the Local Emergency Coordinator), is available to download on the related documents panel on the right.