Collie has recently been announced as a SuperTown under the Government of WA’s Regional Centres Development Program

The Government of WA has defined a SuperTown as:

A selected community that has been chosen to play a critical role in absorbing some of the State’s predicted population growth.  To facilitate this role identified local governments are required to develop a Growth Plan.

SuperTowns communities will be encouraged to set new benchmarks, consider how they can realise underutilised resources and capabilities, and become more self-sufficient. SuperTowns will support communities that are motivated to achieve their vision for the future. SuperTowns recognises the role and importance of regions and towns to the Western Australian economy, and that regional economic development is essential to the growth and functionality of sustainable communities. SuperTowns acknowledges this dynamic by seeking to understand and address regional, sub-regional and town relationships and synergies. This will enable the full range of factors and issues that have a major influence and impact on town growth to be taken into account.

Further information about SuperTowns can be found on the Department of Regional Development and Lands website.

For information specific to Collie, SuperTowns Press Releases will be posted to this site as they become available.