Mick Murray MLA

I have been the Member for the Collie Electorate since February 2001 but have lived and worked in the community for over 40 years. In that time I have seen the town change from one whose primary industry and focus was the coal industry, into a town with many diverse industries from horticulture, viticulture, lavender production, to tourism and an industry base spread between power production, coal, bauxite and a myriad of light industry.

Collie also has a great sense of community with volunteer and interest groups to suit every taste and age group. Collie’s sporting prowess is also well known with many a State representative having grown up and honed their skills on the local sporting fields.

Academically Collie is well catered for with four government primary schools and one private primary school, and the High School covering years 8–12. Facilities at all schools are of a high standard with a major upgrade of the High Schools Home Economics area and Library due for completion this year.

Although some smaller towns are limited in their access to Government services, Collie is fortunate to have retained many such offices and agencies. Our shopping precinct offers a range of goods from the basic food supplies and supermarket produce to a selection of clothing and toy stores as well as furniture and specialist services such as accountants, doctors, dentists and solicitors.

As you can see – we have it all!

Collie has been good to me. It has provided me with employment, an affordable home and a safe place to raise my family and provide them all with a good education. I’m sure Collie can do the same for you.

As your representative in the State Parliament, I am here to assist you, especially in your dealings with State Government Departments, such as Homeswest, the Water Corporation, Western Power or your Local Council.

If you need assistance, require information on State Government policies, or wish to express your views on any matter, I would be pleased to hear from you.

I’m also interested to know about any issues that may be of concern to you. If my parliamentary work takes me away from the office, my electorate staff are happy to assist you. We also carry a supply of electoral enrolment forms so if you are a new elector or have recently moved into this electorate don’t forget to fill in a new form available from any Post Office or my office.

I look forward to you visiting or joining our community. I have an open door policy and I am always pleased to make you welcome.

Contact Details

76 Forrest St, Collie 6225
Ph 08 9734 2073
Fax 08 9734 1461
Email mmurray@mp.wa.gov.au

Hon Robyn McSweeney JP MLC

I am one of your Members of the legislative Council of the South West Region which is where Collie is located. I entered Parliament in May 2001 and although I live in Bridgetown, I commute to Albany where I maintain my electorate office.

I am constantly travelling throughout the electorate listening to constituents concerns and assisting in their dealings with State Government departments and other entities. I am happy for you to ring my office, and my Electorate Officer will return your call. If I am in the office, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular issue.
Contact Details

1A, 141 York Street
Tel: 9841 2250
Fax: 9841 1847
Email: rmcsweeney@mp.wa.gov.au